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We are looking for a hall manager to work part time alongside Paula. Interested, then please call us?

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to update everyone on the investment we are making in the next few months at the Centre:

New front doors, inside and out – aluminium sliding doors with key pad entry – complete
New triple glazed windows for the entire centre – complete
New garage door (roller shutter type) – complete
Coffee machine for reception area – installed
Ladies toilet (main) – almost there
New blinds for the entire centre – authorised and we are specifying as the small hall needs light reducing blinds – will be fitted soon after the windows are in. We are currently assessing samples.

We are investing in the building and furniture.

I am ordering more new chairs, 75 have arrived already
They will be in maroon and have cushions on the seat and back.
The boiler will be replaced in the Spring of 2018. The Co-Op raised nearly £3000 towards this and I will match it and then add. A new computerised temperature control system will come with it and possibly I may look at air conditioning but this can be expensive. I will do it, but maybe not this year.

New flooring for the entry area is now fitted. The , foyer and small hall is also in the pipeline.

We have a health and safety policy now and we are getting the cleaners to improve.
The new store room door looks fabulous and access is now very limited.

CCTV will be added for everyone’s safety in the near future. The CCTV will not be active when children are using the hall and we will respect the privacy of all the hall users.

We will deliver you a facility that you will love and we can be very proud of.


Howard Freeman

Treasurer and Vice Chairman

Parking Update…if you are a legitimate user of the Centre, don’t worry about the new parking rules. We are only ticketing out of hours so don’t worry. If we get it wrong, we will sort it out for you.

Store Room – the new roller shutter is in and all keys have now been issued. Terms and conditions will apply.

More to come

The summer BBQ took place on Saturday 9th July 2016 – the annual event where we say ‘thank you’ to all our regular hirers. We also took the opportunity to use the event to rename Hall number 2 after the late John James.

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John’s funeral will be held at Woking Crematorium on the 12th April at 2pm and afterwards at the Community Centre.

It is with much regret and great sadness that we announce the loss of former President and Chairman John James who passed away this afternoon. John was involved with the centre for over 40 years and was instrumental in gaining the4 National Lottery funding that allowed the centre to be expanded to what it is today. John also served on the Midsummer Events Committee and his input there will also be greatly missed. John is survived by his wife Moira. All the members of the committee send their best wishes and deepest sympathies at this difficult time.


Tim Dalby-Quenet – Chairman

Thanks to all that turned out to help. We achieved a lot but there is much more to do and we will announce another date shortly.

On the 21st February we need to decorate part of the main hall.

We need some help please!

Can you paint walls or woodwork?

If you would like to volunteer we would love to hear from you.